Dedicated Search

Everyone agrees that the shortage of top healthcare talent is only getting more pervasive. In this market you can find yourself competing against multiple facilities for the same candidates.

There is no secret formula to ensuring your success in this war for talent. Strong leadership, competitive compensation, a collaborative work environment, and quality patient care are all part of the equation. We believe the single greatest differentiator of those who succeed in this war for talent is a strategic and active campaign to the passive job market.

The groups who take their unique message directly to those in the passive job market, who are happy, not looking but are at least receptive to hearing about a potential career enhancement will be treating the patients and generating the profit from those facilities that do not.

To successfully do this requires not only the knowledge of every facility and every professional in those facilities but a commitment to the success as well as the expertise to craft and convey the message that will attract the most talented and qualified. When you retain Rush Search Partners, we utilize our ten years of experience establishing relationships with the radiation therapy professionals to increase your odds of landing the best and brightest.



Dedicated Search

Extensive interface with you and possible onsite visit

Immersement into your culture to assist in optimal candidate identification and project completion

In depth quantifiable qualifications defined

Detailed screening questions established

Customized search plan designed specifically to target new candidates that are currently performing above average

Committed deployment of all internal and network resources

Documented recruiting road map and results

Promise of continuous sourcing of talent until you indicate otherwise

Non-Exclusive Recruiting

Interface with you whenever possible

Verbal exchange of cultural information

Position requirements are shared

Screening questions are requested

Existing database of talent is targeted

Limited resource availability

RSP is not accountable for documentation or results

Candidates are presented as they surface with no commitment to search completion attraction


Dedicated Search

Assistance with arrangement of interviews

Extensive interview preparation for you and candidates

Essential selling points are regularly presented to both you and candidates

Passionate representation of your opportunity with an enthusiasm that is contagious to candidates

Commitment to attract the right candidate and complete objectivity

Enthusiastically advocate your opportunity and separate your message from others

Company name is openly shared (unless otherwise requested) to increase success by eliminating candidate concern and promoting positive public relations

Non-Exclusive Recruiting

Facilitation of information to coordinate interviews

Interview preparation as time permit

Verbal snapshot of selling points provided

Your opportunity can be presented in conjunction with other non-exclusive assignments

Implicit vested interest due to vendor role

Message about your opportunity is delivered but vulnerable to factors out of our control

Company name is not initially shared to protect vested interest - this can create concern with candidates


Dedicated Search

Progress reports can be provided delineating percentage of market penetrated, overall market receptivity and suggestions to increase effectiveness

Candidates from all sources are objectively evaluated by Senior Search Consultant

In depth interview with candidates covering interests, accomplishments, and motivations for change

Customized candidate presentations which can include resume, candidate summary, taped interviews via videoconferencing, references, behavioral profile and background verification as agreed

Accountability to insure that the best possible person is selected

Consultative approach in the selection process

Non-Exclusive Recruiting

Limited verbal sharing of search data

You are responsible for optimal screening of candidates

In depth interviews conducted on a time available basis

Presentation of resume

Goal of getting a qualified person hired

Vendor approach to hiring a person


Exclusive Search

Exclusivity of relationship utilized as a pillar of strength
in landing candidate

Enhanced replacement guarantee

Non-Exclusive Recruiting

Concerted effort to remove candidate's perception of our vested interest

Standard replacement provision

Extensive coverage of resignation process to "counter offer proof" candidate

Post acceptance and resignation follow up to secure candidate's successful transition into your company

Assistance with relocation issues and financial considerations