Attract Now, Ask Questions Later

So, you think that the same old methods of attracting candidates for your open positions still cut the mustard? Just put an ad in the paper and the candidates will come right? That is the way it has always been. Well, the smart hiring authorities in today's marketplace have loosened their grip on the status quo and are now operating with the mindset of attracting candidates first and screening second.

With over 300 medical physicist positions currently open and virtually 130 professional attritioning out each year, facilities find themselves recruiting people who are already employed and happy in their current positions. Those candidates aren't interested in hearing about a job that is the same as the one they have. What they want to know is, "Why should I stop doing what I'm doing here and start doing it for you?"

The more organizations can do to try and differentiate themselves and their open positions, the more successful they will be in attracting the kind of talent that make a difference. Focusing on the unique aspects of your opportunity such as, working with advanced technologies, flexible work schedule, full staffing, tenured staff, a learning/continuing education culture, and unique personal benefits plays an important role in getting your position(s) noticed by the right people.

Every health care facility has its own identity and philosophy. It is crucial to identify the values of your department and to communicate them clearly to potential candidates. It is also important to send a consistent message by ensuring that everyone involved in the hiring process is working from the same sheet of music.

Once candidates that are truly intrigued and attracted to the opportunity are identified, then the hiring manager can begin the more traditional screening of candidates. It is important to make timely decisions during the interviewing process. Dragging out the hiring process may cause a candidate to loose interest or to accept an offer from a competitor that had an open position with similar qualities.


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