It's time for you to review the performance of individuals on your team. Here's a simple checklist to help you get through the fundamentals of the review meeting:

Motivating Your Team!

Congratulations! You've had the team-building day and implemented a comprehensive systems overhaul. The salary reviews went smoothly. Yet performance is still down. Staff motivation is sometimes overlooked - and it can have a huge impact on your business profitability. Unmotivated staff inevitably leads to relaxed discipline, low morale and eventual human resource problems. Here are some tactics to help you become the motivator:


Attract Now, Ask Questions Later

So, you think that the same old methods of attracting candidates for your open positions still cut the mustard? Just put an ad in the paper and the candidates will come right? That is the way it has always been. Well, the smart hiring authorities in today's marketplace have loosened their grip on the status quo and are now operating with the mindset of attracting candidates first and screening second.

Achieving your Career Goals!

Achieving your Career Goals! In some respects building a successful career is no different from any other project. Clear goal setting, thorough planning and effective execution are key ingredients in the recipe for success. Though expert advice can help you with the process, in the end it is up to you to formulate objectives, develop a plan, and follow through to realize your career goals. While you may enjoy your share of luck, success seldom falls in your lap. Furthermore, if you ignore the basic principles of career management, an unexpected setback could badly damage your long-term prospects. Here are six steps towards success in your career:



Astute candidates create a resume to present their skills and achievements in the best possible light. However, in some situations, there is temptation to bend the truth a little to get the job. They say that we are perfect twice in our lives: first when we are born, second on our resume! These embellishments can leave facilities with physicists or dosimetrists who can't do the job they were hired for or worse still, one whose mistakes put patient care in jeopardy.

Employers Tips for Hiring

Developing a Strong Job Description

"If you want to hire superior people, first define superior performance."

Everybody wants to hire superior people, don’t they? Then why do so many hiring decisions yield employees who are just average performers at best, and disastrous at worst?

Employers Tips for Interviewing

Planning & Performing The Interview


Performing the Interview

In over 6 years of recruiting experience I’ve learned two important lessons: First, past performance is the best predictor of future performance; and second, people who have been top performers tend to stay top performers. The goal of every interview should be to uncover a clear picture of the candidate’s past accomplishments. You can conduct a complete interview to accurately measure past performance and predict future performance with only four questions. Sound too good to be true? Stay tuned.