Market Mastery

Rush Search Partners has a belief that is simple, but one that is unique to the recruiting industry. We believe that in order to be great at what we do, we must be disciplined market masters.

Most search firms are convinced that they can be good at all segments of of the healthcare industries, concluding that it is better to have a few relationships throughout many segments of the industries. At Rush Search Partners we understand that to be the best medical physicist, dosimetrist, radiation oncologist and radiation therapy administrator search firm, we must become masters of our niche markets. In order to deliver superb results for the organizations that we work with, we must know our niche markets backwards and forwards while establishing strong relationships with the majority of businesses within our markets.

Organizations come to us because they know that we understand their challenges and can help solve their unique problems. Our approach allows us to cover virtually all of the radiation oncology market, insuring maximum market coverage for our clients.